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Baby Care

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Bort back support for...

Back support for pregnant women, with lateral spring splint and straps for stabilisation and relief in the back and abdominal area.

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Baby Dental Wipes 0-16months

Use daily for your baby's oral hygiene routine. It's good for oral health, creates a healthier environment for new baby teeth and keeping gums clean can also help prevent gum inflammation and pain during teething.

28 sachets per box          

Rs 329
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Mother Personal Hygiene...

  • Specially formulated for pregnant women.
  • The formula contains a combination of ingredients which helps to maintain optimal pH level during pregnancy.
  • Quick and easy to use in your daily hygiene routine, it leaves a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.
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Mother Anti - Stretch Mark...

Soothes and Nourishes

Hydrates and Softens

Antioxidants, protects from influence of free radicals, increase the elasticity of expanding skin, and slow down aging processes

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Baby FirstBrush (0-18 months)

The FIRSTBRUSH™ is cleverly designed to help you clean your baby's first tiny teeth

A long handle is comfortable in adult hands

The tiny brush head suits small mouths and first baby teeth

Soft bristles, gentle on delicate gums

Rs 129
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Baby FlossBrush (0-3 Years)

The FLOSSBRUSH 0-3 Years is an ideal starter brush for toddlers

Short size

Easy to hold 'Grip 'n' Chew' handle

Soft DeepClean Bristles - clean where other brushes can't reach

Short bristles clean the tooth's surface

Longer bristles help clean between teeth

Rs 129