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Trudi Baby Nourishing Oil...

Baby Nourishing Oil with royal jelly nourishes the skin of the baby. This oil is an indispensable aid to the gentle treatment of the diaper skin

Size: 250ml

Rs 269
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Trudi Baby Body Wash And...

Baby Body Wash and Shampoo withcytrus honey

Size : 500ml

It cleans baby body and hair.

The presence of fructose make hair shiny and soft.

Its formula has been developed to avoid irritating baby's delicate eyes and skin.

Rs 329
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Trudi Baby Moisturising...

Baby moisturising face and body cream with propolis and calendula.

Size: 100ml

It is rich in functional substances, protects baby's delicate skin from the aggressive action of external influences such as wind,humidity and air.

Rs 219
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Trudi Baby Protective Nappy...

Baby protective nappy change cream is ideal for preventing chapping, irritation and redness in baby's groin area which is inevitably subject not only to aggressive liquids, but also continual rubbing from the nappy. 

Rs 219
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Trudi Baby Delicate Cologne...

Baby Delicate Cologne with honey from bergamot flower.

Size: 100ml

Trudi Baby Care Delicate Cologne is particularly suited for childrens' sensitive skin thanks to its low alcohol content.

Its fresh and delicate nuances complete baby's bath time and will embrace your baby all day long.

Rs 399
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Trudi Baby Perfumed...

Baby Perfumed Balsamic Gel with natural extracts of juniper, chamomile and eucalyptus honey.

Size: 70ml

Baby Care Perfumed BAlsamic Gel contains natural extracts and essential oils of balsamic properties.

By inhaling and with a delicate massage, it helps keeping the respiratory system free and children to sleep all night long.

Rs 349
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Trudi Baby Fluid Talc 100ML

Baby Fluid Talc with rice starch.

Size: 100ml

It is extremely fresh and rich cream that gives relief to baby's dump and irritated skin.

Its formula, based on rice starch and vegetable butter, protects and pleansantly keeps the skin dry and moisturized.

No rinsing and for daily use.

Its perfumed is free of any potential allergen.

Rs 219
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Trudi Baby Cleansing Wipes...

Baby Cleansing Wipes with flower nectar.

Size: 72pcs

It is an essential item to keep near the changing mat and in your travel bag.

Thanks to their unique fabric in honey-comb micro-sponge, softly caress baby's bottom at every nappy change, leaving the skin with a layer of light liquid moisturiser based on flower nectar.

Also ideal for baby's hands and face.

Rs 149