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Slimy Super Fluffy 300 GRM Cup Cake

SLIMY Super Fluffy -The new series of the fluffiest original Slimy of all time!  Three colors and mix-ins to mix in the super-large, stackable 300g Cup Cake tub! Of course, safe fun! SLIMY Super Fluffy in a 300g cup / assorted colors in 4 different colors. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Suitable for ages 5 years +

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 SLIMY Super Fluffy 300g! Three great colors and fun mix-ins in a super-sized mug! Three out of 4 varieties to CHOOSE or as a SURPRISE!

• Loose, light and extremely stretchy play dough for pulling, shaping and playing! In four colors with smell: mango, apple, marshmallow and bubblegum!

• Naturally safe according to the Swiss formula! Without parabens or other harsh preservatives and 100% gluten free!

• Dermatologically tested for maximum skin compatibility! The original SLIMY play clays meet the strictest quality and safety standards!

• Educational valuable! The original SLIMY play materials promote the development of sensory skills, motor skills, perception, imagination and creativity!

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