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Slimy Horror

In the mood for some horror slime? Then this trash slime is your best choice and challenge your friends to hold the slime without squirming and the slime stays wet as long as it is the box.

Suitable for ages 3 years +

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Inspired by aliens, this trash can is so perfected that it amuses for hours. It challenges the creativity and the dexterity of the child. It is a fun, natural, safe and nontoxic way for your kids to while away their time. Manufactured by child safe materials, this blister card toy is perfect for the children and adults alike.

Brand Information Slimy is a Swiss formula of slime that has been researched for 25 years. Since they have created the perfect slime in multiple variations, they have sold over 50 million of products to consumers. SLIMY has a unique and safe formula and guarantees interactive sensory fun and play.

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3 years+

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Slimy Super Fluffy 300 GRM...

SLIMY Super Fluffy -The new series of the fluffiest original Slimy of all time!  Three colors and mix-ins to mix in the super-large, stackable 300g Cup Cake tub! Of course, safe fun! SLIMY Super Fluffy in a 300g cup / assorted colors in 4 different colors. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Suitable for ages 5 years +

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Slimy Smash And Crack

Discover the most oddly satisfying slime ever Slimy Smash & Crack!

Smash it! Crack it! Smoosh it! Smash shell to reveal mystery slimy.

Squish and Squash to combine crisp with slimy.

Great crunch sound! Irresistible slimy fun! Resealable bag for storing slimy after play.

5 different characters to collect.

Suitable for ages 6 years +

Rs 399