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Henrys Classic Viper Yo-Yo

The Viper was HENRYS first Yo-Yo and completely set a new benchmark for performance yo-yos. The exciting thing is that even now it holds its own against the competetion and is super versatile. 

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  • The generous butterfly-shape is ideal for most string tricks.
  • It uses an AXYS Speed Explosion Bearing which is really smooth-running. 
  • The soft rubber shells are made from that same quality rubber that Henrys use in all their equipment 
  • Henrys Viper was also the first yo-yo (to our knowledge) that used a QUICK-TRICK gap-adjustment system 
  • you can tighten your yo-yo to make it super snappy and responsive for looping tricks or loosen it to make the yo-yo less responsive and more suitable for lots of string contact.
  • 66mm, width 35mm, weight 55g 
  • AGE;6+
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6 years+

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