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FlyFit Protective Earplugs

Extremely comfortable AlpineThermoShape™ material

With unique soft filters

Alpine Cleaner to easily keep the earplugs clean

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Categories: Earplugs, Travel

Prevents earache when flying

Regulates pressure on the eardrums

Protection against ambient noise (17 dB)

Wearing FlyFit earplugs during flying regulates troublesome pressure on the eardrums during takeoff and landing.

The filters operate like valves and ensure gradual and constant pressure equilibrium between the external environment and the middle ear.

Thus, the Eustachian tube has sufficient time to acclimatise to pressure variations.

In addition, the special acoustic filters in FlyFit earplugs offer protection against annoying ambient noise.

Unique product specifications

Convenient compact carrying case

Can be worn throughout the flight

Can also be used when traveling by car, train, bus etc

Does not contain any silicone


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