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Toykraft My First Transport Puzzles

Explore Toykraft's 3-piece puzzles designed specifically for kids aged 1-3 years. Featuring 6 vibrant Transport Vehicles – Train, Airplane, Motor Car, School Bus, Truck, and Ship

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  • This set serves as the ideal introduction to puzzles for kids age 2 years and becomes the perfect toy for 3-year-olds. Kickstart their puzzle-solving journey!
  • Perfect Introduction to Jigsaw Puzzles - Engage your 24-month-old with our Toykraft puzzles! These 2-piece puzzles not only captivate kids with their brightly colored designs featuring self-correcting pieces but also provide an appropriate level of challenge. Tailored for kids aged 2-3, these puzzles are a favorite among toddlers.
  • Foster the development of basic fine motor skills in 2-year-olds with our 3-piece puzzles. Specifically crafted for kids aged 2, these puzzles serve as excellent speech therapy toys, aiding in language development as they learn new words through play.
  • Featuring bright colors and chunky cardboard pieces, this toy not only introduces them to new animals but also provides an entertaining and educational
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Toykraft Know your body...

35 piece jigsaw puzzle and 35 inset

Assemble the jigsaw pieces to complete the puzzle. Discover blank spaces, insert the names of the body parts in these spaces

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2 piece puzzles representing 6 aquatic animals. The Puzzle set includes Whale, Dolphin, Shark, Turtle, Octopus and Goldfish.Connect the 12 chunky puzzle pieces to form 6 aquatic animals.

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