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Perplexus Epic

Put your skills to the test with Perplexus Epic! Do you have what it takes to make it through this thrilling 3D maze of 125 challenging obstacles? Flip, twist and spin Perplexus Epic 360 degrees to navigate the ball along the numbered track. When you fall off the track (Yes, it will happen!) head back to the start and try again. It’s a bendy, trendy, can’t put it down challenge! 

Suitable for ages 10+ years 

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  • Inside of the Perplexus Epic you’ll discover 22 feet worth of track containing 125 challenging barriers!
  • Flip twist & spin your way to the finish line! Perplexus is easy-to-use, but hard to master!
  • Perplexus Epic is the ultimate challenge for ages 10+.
  • Includes: 1 Perplexus Game Sphere
  • Product Dimensions 7.75 x 8.38 x 8.38 inches
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10 years+

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Perplexus Rebel

Flip, twist and spin your way through 70 challenging obstacles with Perplexus Rebel! Put your skills to the test with this exciting 3D maze. Turn Perplexus Rebel 360 degrees to navigate the ball along the numbered track. Maneuver tricky obstacles like the igloo, terrible tube and scary stairs without falling off the track! If your ball falls, head back to the start and try again. It’s an intense, bendy challenge you won’t be able to put down! 

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