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Cat Basket Puzzle

The puzzle is to pack the animals back in their special shaped tray.

 You’ll need very good spatial awareness skills to work out how to fit them in!

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Size: The package is 150mm x 112mm x 10mm

The puzzle is laser cut wood and there is a solution printed on the package.

Another set of imaginative designs by Jean Claude Constantin made by Recent Toys.

Recent Toys International was launched in 2001 and as well as creating their

 own baffling brainteasers they also collaborate with world-renowned inventors like

 Jean-Claude Constantin to create an array of new puzzles with completely original concepts.

Recent Toys sum up their philosophy for making puzzles in three words. Simplicity.

 Smart. Durable.

Simplicity – the puzzles are simple to explain. They want to save your brainpower for 

solving the puzzles, not understanding the gameplay

Smart – the puzzles are built to challenge your brain to think in new ways

Durable – the puzzles are built to last. Because the only thing better than solving a

 puzzle is passing it on to someone else to watch them sweat!

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